Collaborazione tra Heca S.r.l. e PartnerRe Wholesale

Press Release
" Heca S.r.l. launches partnership with PartnerRe focused on Italian online SME market "

Ortona, Italy, October 26 - Italian insurance agent Heca S.r.l. has today announced a new partnership with PartnerRe Wholesale, the specialist SME-focused division of leading global reinsurer PartnerRe Ltd. The deal came into effect mid-September.

Heca S.r.l. has agreed an initial three-year partnership with PartnerRe Wholesale, which will focus on growing Heca S.r.l.’s online Professional Liability offering across Italy. To facilitate Heca S.r.l.’s growth, PartnerRe Wholesale will provide capacity as well as additional services including claims management, marketing and IT.

The partnership is not solely focused on professions that traditionally are covered by Professional Liability insurance, but will also encompass professions that do not currently hold specific insurance coverage such as Tax Consultants.

For their breadth of customers, Heca S.r.l are able to offer two diversified product types, which will be tailored for each client, dependent on their need for specific insurance conditions. In addition to Professional Liability, Heca S.r.l. also offers Guarantees and Deposits, Fire and Explosion Insurances, CPI Loans & Mortgages and Home Insurance specializations.

As a young and dynamic agency, Heca S.r.l currently distributes its products through three focused channels; the web, subagents and Professional Associations. They hold 35% of the web based Italian professional liability market, but within three years of launching the firm’s online platform, the business aims to increase its share significantly of this online market.

Since launching two and a half years ago, PartnerRe Wholesale has grown its business significantly and now has a substantial portfolio of specialist partners, managing general agents (MGAs), insurers or brokers, across a number of regions.


Emmanuele Menicucci, CEO of Heca S.r.l. commented:
“This new long-term partnership with PartnerRe Wholesale is a significant step forward for the firm and will have a transformational impact on our business growth. It is an exciting step which will not only benefit both parties in the deal, but also be good for the Italian Insurance market, which will have access to a broader range of tailored products. This partnership will better accommodate our recent growth, encourage greater innovation, and enhance our ability to support our clients in the future”.

Marc van der Veer, General Manager of PartnerRe Wholesale added:
“We’re familiar with the Italian SME market, and our role in this partnership is to support Heca S.r.l and help them grow their PI business across the country. We are delighted to partner with an agent that has their ear to the ground, and one with such a strong focus on the online marketplace. We’re also looking forward to working with their young, growing team of experts. Over the next three years, we look forward to playing a role in the continued growth of the business, and contributing as much as possible to their success.”






About Heca S.r.l

Heca S.r.l., an Insurance Agency was founded in 2010, headquartered in Ortona (Italy). The company specializes in the following products: Professional Liability, Guarantees and Deposits, CPI Loans & Mortgages and Home Insurance.

Sales are conducted through the following channels: Web (Through AdWords Campaigns / Facebook), Sub Agents and Conventions.

Heca S.r.l. has operations all over Italy. In 2014, the company had a total of 3,038 policies in Professional Liability. The company works closely with 30 Subagents nationwide and a total of 11 active agreements with Professional Associations. Through the companies professional and continuous presence in the Professional Liability market the company has managed to grow 120% from 2013 to 2014. Early September, Heca S.r.l. launched an online Insurance and Loans quote platform called, bringing a unique buying experience to the SME marketplace.

The consumer can choose from different Insurance Guarantees and Loans Types. The best available quotes from both companies: Heca S.r.l and Hikkihfin S.r.l. are displayed to the consumers through real time. If the right Insurance and/or Loans are not available to our consumers, Hikkih Group s.a.s. consultants will help our consumers find the right Insurance and Loans based on their preferences. will consist of multiple pages that are all in real-time. Users are required to enter initial details (Name, Last Name, Job Title, and Revenue) and the best insurance and/or loans product will be displayed based on their request. If the user wants to continue with the purchase, a questionnaire has to be completed and if the data entered will not lead to a block (i.e. a presence of a claim) a policy is sent to the user. The policy is then reviewed and signed by Heca S.r.l. and the user. The payment can be made either by credit card or a bank transfer. Heca S.r.l. employees are always available by phone or email in regards to any post sales questions.


About PartnerRe Ltd.

PartnerRe Ltd. is a leading global reinsurer, providing multi-line reinsurance to insurance companies. The Company, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, also offers capital markets products that include weather and credit protection to financial, industrial and service companies. Risks reinsured include property, casualty, motor, agriculture, aviation/space, catastrophe, credit/surety, engineering, energy, marine, specialty property, specialty casualty, multi-line and other lines in its Non-life operations, mortality, longevity and accident and health in its Life and Health operations, and alternative risk products. For the year ended December 31, 2014, total revenues were $6.5 billion. At June 30, 2015, total assets were $22.5 billion, total capital was $7.9 billion and total shareholders’ equity attributable to PartnerRe was $7.1 billion.


About PartnerRe Wholesale

PartnerRe Wholesale offers Financial Lines insurance coverage tailored for SMEs, including commercial Professional Indemnity (PI), commercial Directors & Officers (D&O) and combined General Liability (GL) insurance. It operates through an international wholesale distribution network consisting of managing general agents (MGAs), brokers and insurers. PartnerRe on the Internet: